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International Preschool in Johor Bahru

Looking for an International Preschool in Johor Bahru? Invictus Malaysia preschool helps your child smoothly transition to primary school. Find out more here.
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International School Fees

Founding Family Privileges**

In recognition of your support and faith, we are offering all Founding Families the following privileges and the opportunity to partner with us in shaping our school.

  • 20% Discount on the Annual Tuition Fee* 
All Application submitted by 31 December 2024, will enjoy the following offer:
  • a. Application Fee RM800 (Originally RM1,000) 
  • b. Enrolment Fee RM3,000 (Originally RM4,000)

*Annual Tuition Fee discount will be applied till December 2024.
**Terms and Conditions apply

Fee Schedule for AY2024-2025

Please note that all fees will be subject to a review annually. School tuition fees may be increased in order to accommodate the school’s ongoing development of programmes and external factors such as inflation and the general economy. Fees are payable on a term-by-term basis and in advance. The fees listed below may vary depending on the individual student.

All fees and charges are expressed in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) for the AY2024 – 2025 are as follows:

Initial Fees

Application Fee (RM) RM800 per application Non-refundable, one-time payment. Payable upon submission of the application form.
Enrolment Fee (RM) RM3,000 per student Non-refundable, one-time payment. Payable upon accepting the “Letter of Offer”.

Annual Tuition Fees

MY_Fee Structure24_24.25 1 1.jpg

Additional Learning Support

If your child requires additional learning support, any costs incurred will be agreed upon with the parent's full and transparent knowledge.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) - After academic sessions daily

A full programme will be sent to parents on a termly basis. Parents can select activities for their child/children and some activities may require additional fees.


Transport service may be available based on location. The cost of this depends upon the distance from the school. 

Withdrawal Policy

School fees are charged per term basis and a minimum of one (1) full academic advance notice is required for withdrawal.