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International Preschool in Johor Bahru

Looking for an International Preschool in Johor Bahru? Invictus Malaysia preschool helps your child smoothly transition to primary school. Find out more here.
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Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a central feature of daily life at Invictus and is considered essential for ensuring a school community has pathways to ensure students have a voice that is heard and valued.
Furthermore, it creates a platform for students to build their leadership skills and positively impact the school and broader community. Various groups in Primary and Secondary represent students and ensure leadership translates into positive action.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award  is the global leader in the organising and accrediting of non-formal education through its flagship ‘Duke of Edinburgh's Framework’. For over 60 years, this Framework has been used by education providers and community organisations to accredit the non-formal learning outcomes and achievements of young people. 

"At Invictus we recognise that The Award helps you grow and improve as a person and a member of society."

Invictus Student Council