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Cambridge A-Levels

Invictus International School offers a rigorous and internationally-recognised secondary school curriculum at our Horizon Hills campus. Students receive a holistic education delivered by our skilled educators as they are equipped with subject knowledge, personal traits and international perspectives that set them up for success as they mature into young adults in our evolving world.

Cambridge International A-Levels (Advanced Level)

The Cambridge International A-Levels (Advanced Level) are subject-based qualifications conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a High school completion qualification offered by established examination boards in the United Kingdom, with more than 55 subject choices available to choose from. Considered the ''Gold Standard" qualification. Obtaining an A-Level certificate is generally required for university entrance, with universities granting offers based on grades achieved. 

Cambridge International A-Levels generally take two years to complete. Students normally take 3-4 subjects in their first year, and most cut back to 3 A-Levels in their second year. This is because university offers are normally based on 3 A-Levels. Unlike other level 3 qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate, A-Levels have no specific subject requirements, so students have the opportunity to combine any subjects they wish to take. However, students normally pick their courses based on the degree they wish to pursue at university: most degrees require specific A-Levels for entry.

The Cambridge International A-Levels qualification enables students to apply for most universities globally and universities grant offers based on the grades achieved. It is conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education in the United Kingdom.

We empower your children to learn in a variety of settings while our experienced educators understand the needs of expatriate children living and going to school in Singapore. Your children will undergo a world-class curriculum while achieving internationally-recognised qualifications that enable them to apply for entry to university anywhere in the world.

Subject Selection*

  • English Language - 9093
  • Global Perspective & Research - 9239
  • Mathematics
  • Further Maths 
  • Accounting - 9706
  • Business - 9609
  • Economics - 9708
  • Biology - 9700
  • Chemistry - 9701
  • Physics - 9702
  • Computer Science - 9618
  • Art & Design - 9479

*The subjects on the list above are for reference only. This list is not exhaustive and Invictus may add or remove subjects based on the demand of each cohort. For an up-to-date list of the subjects currently offered, kindly contact our admissions team.