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International Preschool in Johor Bahru

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Contacting the School

Lines of Communication

There are many different ways for you to communicate with the School. We have established a communication hierarchy in order to serve you and your children. It is always best to try to solve a problem or have an issue clarified at the appropriate level. Therefore, we strongly ask that you follow the communication path for offering suggestions or solving problems.

If there is a problem related to your child or a specific class, contact the teacher directly by send a note with your child, calling the School Student Services (+60169398721) / or sending an email directly to the HRT. The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible and schedule an appointment if you wish.

If there is a problem related to your child that is more psychological, emotional, or social in nature or relates to School Counselling, contact the School Counsellor or Assistant / Deputy Principal.

Direct contact information for school sections.

Name  EmailDesignation
Ms Khaireen Erdyana Khairuddin
School Nurse
Ms Christina  Joseph Gratian
School Counsellor   
 Ms Robin Guillemette Years (HOD Early Years)  
Ms Susan Southern George Years / Primary
(Assistant Principal) 
 Ms Joanna Loh Secondary, IGCSE / A level
(Assistant Principal)
 Shanmugam Sivalingam
(Mr Siva) Deputy Principal
Abdul Mannan Mohamed Ibrahim (Mr Mannan)