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How Invictus Engages Parents in Learning Journeys

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Parental engagement plays a crucial role in children's academic success and overall development. A parent who actively participates in their child's learning can easily foster a positive attitude towards learning, and create a nurturing environment where children can grow both academically and personally.

These parent engagement strategies can take various forms, and the cooperation of the school is vital. By staying informed of your child's learning, attending parent-teacher conferences, and supporting their learning at home, you can create a better environment for a young learner.

The Invictus Approach to Parental Engagement

At Invictus Malaysia, we believe in the importance of engaging parents in their child's education. Parents have an important role to play in their child's education, and as such, we do our best to support them. We encourage a hands-on approach, implementing various strategies and tools to facilitate seamless communication between parents and teachers.

There's ample opportunity for parents to meet with our staff, receive regular email updates on the achievements of their children, and make use of digital platforms to facilitate communication and understanding. Through the use of satisfaction surveys, students, staff, and parents alike are all given the opportunity to provide feedback on our community, allowing us to make positive changes and facilitate open communication.

Central to our approach is a focus on mutual communication and partnership, ensuring that students, teachers, and parents work collaboratively towards a common goal - the holistic development and success of every child.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

We understand how important parent-teacher meetings are when it comes to keeping parents up-to-date with their child's learning. As such, we hold regular meetings where we have the opportunity to discuss academic progress, test scores, and any areas where improvement is needed, giving parents a clearer understanding of their child's strengths and weaknesses. This information allows them to offer better support at home if required.

This dialogue facilitates the sharing of ideas and strategies aimed at enhancing the child's learning experience. It also provides an opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns or issues, such as behavioural challenges or learning difficulties. Our rapidly-growing and diverse team of international staff are enthusiastic about forming close bonds with parents, so they can better understand each student.

Moreover, through parent-teacher meetings, a productive relationship can be established between parents and educators. This familiarity builds trust and mutual understanding between you and our teachers, letting us create a more supportive and individualised environment that meets your child's needs.

By keeping parents actively engaged in their child's learning journey, these meetings contribute significantly to the overall success of the child's education.

School Events- Our Wellbeing Programmes

One of the key aspects of parental engagement at Invictus is participation in our various school events. These events are designed for parents to immerse themselves in the school community and gain a deeper understanding of our teaching philosophy and the overall learning environment. Through these interactions, parents can actively contribute to their child's education and their personal growth.

The most regular event we hold is our Coffee Morning initiative. We invite parents down on a monthly basis to network with our teachers, giving them a chance to see our community firsthand and form healthy relationships with our staff. 
Each month, we select a different topic, covering a wide range of relevant subjects that aim to keep parents informed about our curriculum. Some of our topics include teaching about Global Perspectives, how to deal with teenagers as they grow, and other developmental areas for your children. These monthly engagement sessions are key to building strong bonds between parent and teacher.

Some of the other events in our Wellbeing Programme include workshops that introduce teaching techniques to parents, and the formation of the Parent's Association, which is a committee that organises activities to leverage Invictus Malaysia's multi-cultural and inclusive community.

By attending and engaging in these events, parents can become more attuned to their child's needs and build stronger connections with the Invictus community.

Online Engagement Through Parents App

In the digital era, many schools are leveraging educational apps to help facilitate learning and teaching. At Invictus Malaysia, we use our Parents App to keep you up to date on your child's progress. This digital platforms provide a comprehensive overview of the academic resources available to students, along with detailed progress reports that offer insight into their performance.

Parents are also given the opportunity to communicate directly with teachers and staff through built-in messaging systems. This not only helps to bridge the gap between school and home life but also encourages a collaborative approach to a child's education. Having the ability to raise queries or voice concerns without delay is an essential aspect of maintaining a strong parent-teacher relationship.

Online platforms such as our Parent Apps aid in promoting parent engagement by providing an easy, convenient way of getting involved in a child's learning. This ensures that parents can support and guide their children effectively throughout their learning journey.

Our PSG (Parent Support Group) also receives training on how to use these apps, allowing them to make use of it and understand how it benefits their children. One major component of the app is the upcoming Cashless System that begins on 1st April, which provides parents with information on Cafeteria options and lets them make payment remotely. By engaging parents in the learning process, we make sure our tools are accessible to them. 

The Importance of Regular Communication Between Teachers and Parents

Consistent and open communication between teachers and parents is crucial for fostering a positive environment for a child's education. Regular communication helps build trust and cultivates a helpful support system for the students, which is why we place so much focus on parental engagement.

Our termly academic reports are one important aspect of this communication, as they provide parents with in-depth insight into their child's progress. These reports supplement a child's learning, allowing parents to understand their children's strengths and areas for improvement, and enabling them to provide targeted support at home.

Multiple studies on the relationship between parental involvement and a child's performance have found that supportive parents significantly influence academic and social development. At Invictus Malaysia, we're here to help you form a strong partnership between you and our teachers, so we can encourage parents to involve themselves in their child's future. Our parent-teacher conferences, digital platforms, and regular events all contribute towards this goal, creating an effective support system for all our students.

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Invictus Malaysia is an institution that recognises the importance of active engagement and strives to foster a supportive learning atmosphere through effective communication and collaborative efforts. Parents of prospective students are invited to book a tour and experience the Invictus community firsthand, and contact us for any enquiries you may have. We look forward to seeing you and your child!