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A Day in the life of a Grade 4 Invictus student


Every day at Invictus International School Malaysia is a vibrant, enriching, and unique one. Our schedules are tailored towards aiding students in their holistic development, and providing an environment that nurtures well-rounded individuals. Join us as we walk you through the daily life of a student at Invictus Malaysia, and have a glimpse of what your child will get to experience here!

Morning Routine


Our Grade 4 students arrive before 8am, clad in their navy blue polo tees, and begin their day by organising their books and bags in their personal lockers. Amidst high spirits, they settle in for their first daily task: Watering the plants that they've been put in charge of.

To help cultivate a sense of responsibility and accountability in our young learners, we give them the job of caring for their own plants. Getting to watch these plants grow and flourish in their own classroom helps them develop patience and a nurturing attitude towards their environment.

Once the plants are attended to, the students settle down in their seats and open up their "Dear Diary" notebooks.


We give our students time in the morning to take part in this reflective exercise, where they write down their personal thoughts and daily experiences. It’s a straightforward task, but it serves an important purpose: developing their ability to express themselves clearly in writing and becoming more aware of their own emotions. This diary writing is a key part of our effort to support a students’ personal growth alongside their academic learning.

After their journaling session, it's time for some language skills development. The students dive into their spelling words of the day, brushing up on their vocabulary and phonetics. They also explore new words from the dictionary, expanding their linguistic horizons while waiting for their academic classes to start for the day.

First Lessons Of The Day- Art

The first class of today is Art, allowing our students to start their day by letting out their creativity. Upon entering the art room, the children are greeted by their art teacher, who encourage them as they begin their project. They learn to develop their passion for creative pursuits, and begin working on whichever piece has been tasked for the day. Their imagination comes to life, and once the bell rings, they move on to the next room.

Maths and Break Time


After finishing up their art class, our Grade 4 students move on to Mathematics lessons, under the Cambridge International Curriculum. Our teachers make use of the Singapore Math method to build a strong foundation and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

The Singapore Math method encourages students to engage with mathematical problems in a visual and practical manner, often using blocks, cards, and other manipulative tools to translate abstract concepts into tangible understanding. It’s not just about finding the right answer; it’s about comprehending the 'why' and the 'how' behind the processes. This depth of understanding is critical in fostering not just short-term academic success but long-term analytical skills.


Well aware that sitting down and teaching maths can get tiring for children, our teachers declare a break at 10:30 a.m. The students head down to the cafeteria for a half-hour recess, where they have a chance to chat with their friends from other classes and enjoy their meals in a lively environment.

Once they've recharged, it's back to class at 11:00 a.m. Our students work hard at learning new concepts, until noon hits, and they're dismissed for lunch.

Time for Lunch


Come noon, the cafeteria buzzes with the sound of Grade 4 students sharing stories over their midday meal. Our students pick their favourites between Western and Malaysian food options, and settle down in our comfortable dining halls. This one-hour lunch period is a perfect opportunity for socialisation, giving students opportunities to build relationships outside of the classroom.


After finishing their food, the students still have time to enjoy themselves in our various activity spaces. Some students play sports in our open spaces or Multi-Purpose Halls, while others take part in educational activities at our FabLab maker studio. Some move on to the library for quiet reading, and others just remain in the cafeteria to chat with friends till the bell rings. At 1 p.m., they're headed right back to class.

Afternoon Learning- The Science Lab

Science Lab.jpg

Freshly charged up with energy, the students eagerly make their way to the next stimulating environment on their schedule: the Science lab. Our Science classes are highlights for many students, combining the theoretical knowledge they’ve acquired with practical, hands-on experiences that bring those concepts to life.


In the well-equipped lab, students are greeted by the array of beakers, test tubes, and scientific instruments, all set out for the day's experiments. Under the careful supervision of their teacher, they get started on today's topic: Exploring how solids dissolve in liquids.

The Science curriculum is designed to be interactive and inquiry-based, encouraging students to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and conduct experiments to discover answers. This approach allows them to enjoy the scientific process, and watch it happen with their own eyes.

Last Bell Of The Day- Heading Home

Guard House.JPG

As the clock strikes 3, the last bell resonates through the corridors, signalling the end of the official school day. Our students, brimming with the day's learnings and experiences, gather their belongings and make their way to the bus bay. Here, under the attentive eyes of the staff, they are picked up by either their parents, or the school bus, and begin the journey home.

Not everyone goes home immediately, however. For those not yet ready to call it a day, the excitement continues. The students enrolled in our Extracurricular Activities (ECA) head to their respective clubrooms.

ECA With School logo-02.jpg

At Invictus Malaysia, we offer various ECAs that allow students to cultivate interests and hobbies beyond the official school curriculum. From sports teams, to performing arts ensembles, to cultural clubs, students have ample opportunities to discover their passions, and our school serves as the perfect staging ground to let them be themselves.

This blend of academic growth and holistic development embodies our vision at Invictus Malaysia: A place where every learner can grow into young leaders with ample opportunities for success.

Once their ECAs are done, it's time for the rest of the students to head home for the day, where they can have dinner with their family, finish up their homework, and have a good night's sleep in preparation for the day ahead.

Join The Invictus Family And Experience Holistic Growth For Your Child


Now that you've seen what a typical day looks like for our students, you have a better idea of what your child will experience in their day-to-day school life. Parents seeking a nurturing environment for their children are sure to be impressed by Invictus Malaysia, where young minds can thrive and grow into dedicated learners and global citizens.

We warmly invite you to reach out to schedule a visit or to speak with our admissions team. Come be a part of our learning community, and watch your child grow into a well-rounded individual, ready to take on the world.